One from the smallest dedicated temperature controller in the market now in Mouldshop!

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Since now MOULDSHOP also has one from those... kind of "unique" products.
Hight efficiency with competitive price, isn`t it a reason to be interested? 

PICCO® -  one from the smallest dedicated temperature controller in the market.
Its unique electrical design provides consistent and accurate control of temperature ranging from -120 degrees celsius to 690 degrees celsius.

PICCO®  has a dynamic response time of 1.3 microseconds which allows precise control of temperature for specialized production requirements. It also features an Easy-Select switch which has up to 5 modes of temperature settings for the most commonly used materials (PS, PP, ABS, PC, POM, PA, PET, PBT, PPO, PPA, PPS, etc.) and a tuner for higher precision temperature settings. The compactness of its design allows PICCO® to be mounted anywhere on the mold to your convenience which provides better accessibility and a more efficient working environment.

Advantages of PICCO® :

  • Gives consistent and accurаte temperature control
  • Gives faster response time with quick material selector
  • Gives convenience in installation and easy to operate
  • Improves efficiency at an affordable cost