DeScaling Starter Kit

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What a pleasure when somebody does a part of your work!  Somebody, whom you could rely on. Who does it with quality - cold mind and passion inside.
MOULDPRO is ready to present.. 

DeScaling Starter Kit!

 - an excellent set of  products, which help you fast and qualitative manage with scale and corrosion. 

 Set includes:

  • Descaling Pump (15/24 l)
  • Remover Plus Liquid
  • Neutralizer
  • PVC Gauntlet
  • pH paper 

The descaling fluid contains a color change indicator to monitor performance, the translucent tank means that the user can see when the red color runs clear and is no longer effective.  Use the neutralizing powder to create a pH neutral fluid which can be easily disposed of (without any demage to environment).