Autumn Promotion 2013

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Welcome back from holidays!

Nevertheless we all enjoyed summer hotness… fresh breeze and sound of ocean waves…we should admit to ourselves, that dream vocation-2013 came to an end. We are back to factories!
To ensure our next holiday will be even more memorable, let`s make better profit, let`s increase production efficiency

MOULDPRO is committed to supplying the highest quality products at competitive prices and by listening our customers we adjust to ever changind demands of plastic moulders. 

Check out our Autumn promotion, make an order for 500 € and receive COMPLETELY FREE Ceramic Knive (price - 24,73 €) for save
 trimming of moulded parts. You could choose ceramic knife with concave or convex surface, depends on shape of processed plastic part. Just put a note to us during the order, which one from those two you would like to receive.

MOULDPRO Autumn promotion magazine 2013 look here.

MOULDPRO team wish you to have efficient production and never stop to generate fresh ideas! 
And remeber: we are always here for you, ready to help and find a reasonable solution together.

Mouldpro team