Mould monitoring

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Mould monitoring

It is well known, that tool performance is critical to a company’s profitability. However tool activity reporting is inconsistent. For instance, cycle time performance may be available through production monitoring systems, but less available to tooling engineers, tool buyers, etc. 
An other aspect - molds often travel outside of process monitoring system, disconnected, and then are unable to be reviewed.
And finally, maintenance activity is not typically monitored consistently.

We have it.

Cycle Counter

CV Cycle Counter was developed 15 years ago and has become the industry standard and the world’s most specified tooling component:
– Like an odometer on a car, a
non-resettable record of activity.
– Validates process monitoring system data.
– Assists preventive maintenance.

Together with right mould expluatation - cycle counter is the best way to validate amount of cycles, garanteed by mould manufacturer. 


CVe monitor

The CVe Monitor is an electronic mold monitoring system that records more than just mold cycles completed.
  • CVe Monitor system provides cycle time monitoring – helps to verify consistent part quality and cost;
  • maintenance activity tracking -  helps  to reduce unscheduled mould stoppages;
  • comprehensive reporting available to Tooling Engineers wherever the mold is run
One can either view the data directly off the CVe or download the data via its mini USB port in order to drive comprehensive reporting.
CVe Monitor gathers such a specific data as:
  • Cycle Time over the life of the tool;
  • Cycle Time over the last 25,000 cycles;
  • Percentage of activity versus downtime;
  • Downtime date ranges;
  • Increments where mould maintenance was performed;
  • Internal Flash Drive for storing mould maintenance guidelines, tool design PDFs and mould set up sheets.

Which of those monitoring options would be most beneficial to your Company?
Watch the video with reviews about CVe monitor from moulders and fell free to share yours to:

Buy CVe monitor for 149, 35 EUR and enjoy "being in the know" how does your mould fulfill it`s performance.
You could find CVe Monitor and CVe Counter in mouldshop under the section "mould monitoring".