Purchase managment

Additional conditions

In order not to stimulate unjustified customer expenses for transportation / delivery of goods to the destination, ATEC Engineering decided to impose an additional tax of 20 EUR on the purchase of goods, amounting to less than 100 EUR.

Why do we do this? Because we do not want you, as a buyer, to pay twice the market value of the product, only because of the expensive delivery.
For comparison, the price for shipping 1 kg of goods from the supplier to the warehouse in Vilnius is about 24 EUR. At a time when the price is already 6 kg - only 30 EUR. 15 kg - about 36 EUR.
It seems quite logical to reduce the unit price of delivery for each product, making a "weighty" order, namely, an order with a high weight.

The policy of ATEC Engineering and, in particular, the service MOULDPRO - the sale of optimal solutions, offering valuable services

Which means efficiency in everything - product quality, price and speed of delivery.

Therefore, we actively encourage you to think through your order well and save on delivery, having received a comprehensive purchase of everything necessary for your efficient production. And we already took care of the quality!

MOULDPRO - the general availability and variety of assortment, the guarantor of high quality, as well as saving your money.